Algiers, Algeria

Algeria 1 - 0 Mali
Congratulations :)

Hello :) i am a big fan of your blog, also a bit proud of you being algerian and an excellent english speaker, so i have a couple of Qs for you #1 when did you start blogging and why ?#2 how old are you? if i may ask #3 what camera do you use? and what do you use to edit your photos and make them look that spectacular « you should work with Nat Geo btw »#4 where are you from in algeria? #5 are you a traveler? if yes, what place was your favorite? #6 favorite artists? Thats it ^^

Hello, Thanks dear :) I’m Blogging since March 2012.. I’m 23 now :p I use Everything has a camera :p and some of my photos are photoshoped, I currently live in Guelma, Algeria.. and it’s where originally I am from. and Yes, I travel a lot, and still can’t have a better  place than another in Algeria, because everything in Algeria, is beautiful.

From Hong Kong, China :)

Jijel, Algeria

Good morning Algiers…

#زوجوناااااا #HoussemBenhacen

Algiers, Algeria

Les Greens :p

Large view on Tizi Ouzou, Algeria

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Moscarda Beach - Tlemcen 

Fantasia, Algeria

Place d’Armes, Oran

Ain Timouchent.

Mhajeb, Who loves them ?